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Update (c) Kurt Michel/pixelio

chemmacros v5

I published version 5 of chemmacros nearly two months ago and so far the transition seems to have been a lot smoother than I anticipated. There have been a few support emails and posts on TeX/LaTeX stackexchange but nothing too serious.


There have been quite some (minor) updates to chemmacros in the last few days. This is due to mostly one fact: I didn’t choose unique (or unique enough) names for a bunch of files. In order to have chemmacros included into TeXlive without problems they had to be renamed. So…

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Things that happen

I must have been sleeping when I finished the last update of chemnum. I sent an update from v0.3c to v0.3d to CTAN two days ago — or so I thought. As it turned out I forgot to upload v0.3c. On CTAN there was still v0.3b. Well, about thirty minutes…

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chemmacros update

I’ve been working on chemmacros for a while now and finally have submitted v2.0 to CTAN. There have been quite some changes. The most notable one: chemmacros v2.0 is not backwards compatible, unfortunately. However, a package option \usepackage[version=1]{chemmacros} is provided, which restores all deleted commands, so that you can still…

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