There have been quite some (minor) updates to chemmacros in the last few days. This is due to mostly one fact: I didn’t choose unique (or unique enough) names for a bunch of files. In order to have chemmacros included into TeXlive without problems they had to be renamed. So I’m hoping that now with v3.0c everything will be alright.

Things that happen

I must have been sleeping when I finished the last update of chemnum. I sent an update from v0.3c to v0.3d to CTAN two days ago — or so I thought. As it turned out I forgot to upload v0.3c. On CTAN there was still v0.3b.

Well, about thirty minutes after I submitted the upload of v0.3d, I found a stupid and nasty bug in that version. So just in case you wonder: yes the update of chemnum from v0.3b to v0.3e was correct.

chemmacros update

I’ve been working on chemmacros for a while now and finally have submitted v2.0 to CTAN. There have been quite some changes. The most notable one: chemmacros v2.0 is not backwards compatible, unfortunately. However, a package option \usepackage[version=1]{chemmacros} is provided, which restores all deleted commands, so that you can still compile your documents set with v1.*.

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