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Update (c) Kurt Michel/pixelio

chemmacros v5

I published version 5 of chemmacros nearly two months ago and so far the transition seems to have been a lot smoother than I anticipated. There have been a few support emails and posts on TeX/LaTeX stackexchange but nothing too serious.

chemmacros update

I’ve been working on chemmacros for a while now and finally have submitted v2.0 to CTAN. There have been quite some changes. The most notable one: chemmacros v2.0 is not backwards compatible, unfortunately. However, a package option \usepackage[version=1]{chemmacros} is provided, which restores all deleted commands, so that you can still…

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ChemFig v1.0 released

Yesterday version 1.0 of the package ChemFig has been released. Let’s take a first look on what’s new. In the manual the author says: “it is now possible to build reaction schemes“. Behind this short sentence a major innovation is hidden.

chemmacros nearly there

I nearly completed `chemmacros’ that I mentioned recently. I’d like to present you some of the little helpers it will be providing. Hopefully in two or three days, it will be ready to be published on CTAN (and here, of course). Let’s take a look