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Update (c) Kurt Michel/pixelio

chemmacros v5

I published version 5 of chemmacros nearly two months ago and so far the transition seems to have been a lot smoother than I anticipated. There have been a few support emails and posts on TeX/LaTeX stackexchange but nothing too serious.

A small exercise

By simulating section 3.2 of this paper[ref]I chose it for two reasons: 1) the paper is free, 2) it shows an example for advanced usage of chemnum.[/ref] I will go through several topics: customization of ChemFig reaction scheme creation with ChemFig advanced usage of chemnum Before we start let’s take…

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About this web page

When I started this website a few days ago I planned it as supporting page for the package myChemistry. I changed my mind. I will blog about anything related with and chemistry. So there will also be news about all this other useful packages: