Things that happen

I must have been sleeping when I finished the last update of chemnum. I sent an update from v0.3c to v0.3d to CTAN two days ago — or so I thought. As it turned out I forgot to upload v0.3c. On CTAN there was still v0.3b.

Well, about thirty minutes after I submitted the upload of v0.3d, I found a stupid and nasty bug in that version. So just in case you wonder: yes the update of chemnum from v0.3b to v0.3e was correct.

Numbering Compounds

As you’re probably aware when you’re browsing this site chemists usually label compounds in their papers with numbers. Writing these labels by hand is ok if you only have two or three different compounds. The more it get the harder it is not to lose track. Currently there are two[ref]Three, actually. I missed bpchem for some reason.[/ref] packages which can help with that. Continue reading “Numbering Compounds”