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Wavy bonds

This is not at all my achievement. I found an answer on TeX.SE where a TikZ decoration is defined that produces “nicer” waves than the decoration provided through the tikzlibrary decorations.pathmorphing named snake.

Q & A

You probably know the great TeX.SE site. It is much easier to search for specific problems that have already been answered than other more “classic” forums. And there are quite a few experts there. The answers seem to be good ones in most cases, as far as I can tell.…

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Electron movement

As you probably know organic chemists often indicate electron transfers or electron movements with arrows. It is common that a “normal” arrow indicates the movement of an electron pair. A possibility to draw these arrows is built-in into ChemFig. It provides the command \chemmove{} which basically is a wrapper for…

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A small exercise

By simulating section 3.2 of this paper[ref]I chose it for two reasons: 1) the paper is free, 2) it shows an example for advanced usage of chemnum.[/ref] I will go through several topics: customization of ChemFig reaction scheme creation with ChemFig advanced usage of chemnum Before we start let’s take…

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