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Since a few weeks I’m working on a package using chemfig as a backend that allows a simple yet flexible input syntax for typesetting carbohydrates. My draft at this point allows the following:




which gives: Continue reading

chemnum v1.0 release candidate

Over the past few months I have been working on version 1.0 of my chemnum package. The version seems to ready now. However, before I publish it I would appreciate very much some feedback. Continue reading

Blog article series about LaTeX and chemistry

I have written a series of blog posts about chemistry and LaTeX in the German blog The series covers

Old new friend

A few weeks ago Shin­saku Fu­jita submitted a new update of XyMTeX to CTAN. Why is this worth mentioning? Because of two (or three) reasons: Continue reading

Documents With Style

People have asked me how I create the manuals of my packages, one has even asked me if I would write a document class similar to classicthesis. I am not going to do this but can provide my basic preamble settings. It is not very complicated, actually. Continue reading

chemmacros v4.0

My chemmacros bundle has reached version 4.0. The step to a new major version has been made for two reasons: 1) the bundle has been extended with a new package: chemgreek. 2) every sub package can now be loaded and used independently. In all versions 3.* the ghsystem package, the chemformula package and the chemmacros package have loaded each other which made them one single package, really. This is no longer true. While chemmacros still loads ghsystem and chemformula (and also the new package chemgreek) the same is not true for ghsystem, chemformula or chemgreek. If they’re loaded alone they won’t load any other package of the bundle. Continue reading

New German Q&A Site

About two weeks ago a new German Q&A (question and answer) site similar to has been started: Detailed information in German can be found in the announcement post on the TeXwelt blog.

News in the TeX world:

Since a few hours there’s a new German blog about everything in the TeX and LaTeX world. So if you’re German or are able to read and write in German take a minute to read this post. Continue reading

About footnotes

You all know how easy it is to add footnotes in LaTeX. Most times it is as easy as calling \footnote{This is the footnote.}. Typographically the result often is not very pleasing, though. Let’s look at the following small example: Continue reading

How I fell in love with emacs

Back in the day when I first started studying I did not know anything about LaTeX or editors, I didn’t know that Linux/Unix existed, and a computer was some tool to play games with and write reports with MS Word. I remember that I once saw a report by a fellow student that looked much better than mine or anyone else’s and asked her how she created it. Lay-tech, hmm? Sounded weird. But an automatic table of contents sounded cool… That didn’t have much impact on me, though. I produced my reports with an early version of LibreOffice which then still was OpenOffice at that time, mostly because I couldn’t afford to purchase a copy of MS Office. Continue reading