Is this going …

… to be my next package?


  membrane ,
  electrodes = {Cu}{Zn} ,
  anode-color = {red!20} ,
  electrolyte-color = {blue!5}




    • Hi Svend,

      I’m not quite sure yet if I’m actually going to make a real package out of this. I’d have to think about wanted (and needed) features. As a package a certain amount of flexibility is needed to make it useful. And since these kinds of pictures are not too complicated to create with TikZ (probably also with pstricks) I’m not too keen in the moment to make a package out of this.

      If I’ll get convinced otherwise (anything is possible) I’m certainly not writing a package in the near future.

      Interestingly enough you’re not the only person who has taken interest in this… :)

      • Svend Mortensen

        It is pretty straight forward to do it with PSTricks, too. Therefore, it makes perfectly good sense if you are not going to create a package for this.

      • Svend Mortensen

        I have tried to create a similar figure using PSTricks. The code can be found here (where I also ask an extra question regarding arrows; I tried \ch{ ->[\el] } but when it will not compile—maybe you can help with this).

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