What needs to be done

There are still a bunch of features which are missing in myChemistry. For example there is the never ending arrow question:

  • the arrow type -+> needs some kind of “cis/trans” option: so the user can decide wether both add and subtract arrow parts are on the same side or on different sides of the main arrow
  • there need to be equilibrium equivalents to the arrow type -+>
  • the “unbalanced” equilibrium arrows <=>> and <<=> need a possibility to change the length of the smaller arrow, so the extent of the “unbalancy” can be set
  • some kind of curved arrows need to be added to create catalyst cycles and similar schemes

Another feature I like to add is a \singleelmove-command, which can represent the movement of single electrons, corresponding to the \elmove-command (or just an option single to the \elmove-command), which represents movements of electron pairs. This one can easily be done but is not urgent, since ChemFig’s \chemmove can easily be used to create single electron movement arrows.

The \merge-command needs to be rewritten. It needs accept two instead of one “labels” and the syntax should be more alike the one of the \arrow-command. Also a command \fork is missing, which would be the opposite of \merge.

One should be able to customize the delimiters of the commands \mesomeric and \transition. More precisely the delimiters with which formulæ inside these commands are enclosed. Until now these delimiters are square brackets. But I know about at least one chemistry book about reaction mechanisms where curly brackets are used to enclose mesomeric formulæ.

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